Yves Tumor - Heaven To A Tortured Mind (CD1/LP1)

Yves Tumor - Heaven To A Tortured Mind (CD1/LP1)

Warp Records

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LABEL: Warp Records
CD CAT#: WARPCD304 / CD UPC: 801061030421
LP CAT#: WARPLP304 / LP UPC: 801061030414
RELEASE DATE: 4/3/2020
WEIGHT: CD-0.14 lb / LP-0.73 lb


2020 release. Safe in the Hands of Love marked the vanguard arrival of Yves Tumor. Unclassified and unannounced, the release received widespread acclaim and cemented itself as a landmark in the hallowed Warp catalog. The experimentalist voiced a new generation, creating a surreal pop stratosphere for outsiders and the masses alike. Heaven To A Tortured Mind is the next step in that searing trajectory. A mindfully crafted studio album, gracefully blending genre into alternative bliss. Effortless and inspired, Heaven To A Tortured Mind is an album for lovers, losers and the unconcerned.

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