The Orielles - Disco Volador (Transparent Orange Vinyl-LP1)

The Orielles - Disco Volador (Transparent Orange Vinyl-LP1)

Heavenly Recordings

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LABEL: Heavenly Recordings
LP CAT#: HVNLP176C / LP UPC: 5400863019280            
RELEASE DATE: 2/28/2020
WEIGHT: LP-0.57 lb


On Disco Volador, The Orielles push their sonic horizon to it's outer limits with a sharp collection of progressive strato-pop symphonies. Written and recorded in just 12 months, Disco Volador voyages through cinematic samba, 70s disco, deep funk boogies, danceable grooves and 90s acid house. It captures the warp-speed momentum following their 2018 debut, Silver Dollar Moment. "Disco Volador's literal interpretation from Spanish means flying disc, but everyone experiences things differently. It could be a frisbee, a UFO, an alien nightclub or how you feel when you fly; what happens to your body physically or that euphoric buzz from a great party," suggests bassist and singer Esme. "But it is an album of escape. If I went to space I might not come back."

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