Ren Harvieu - Revel In The Drama (Clear Vinyl-LP1)

Ren Harvieu - Revel In The Drama (Clear Vinyl-LP1)

Bella Union

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LABEL: Bella Union
LP CAT#: BELLA948VX / LP UPC: 5400863023881                    
RELEASE DATE: 4/3/2020
WEIGHT: LP-0.68 lb


Anyone who believes there are no second chances needs to be reintroduced to Ren Harvieu. Seven years after her Top 5 debut album, having overcome a life-threatening injury, the Salford-born singer-songwriter returns with Revel in The Drama. The album is a brilliant, bolder and broader take on her timeless pop classicism, a compelling diary of a struggle with self-belief and a celebration of liberation and survival.

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