Pet Shop Boys	- Agenda (12")

Pet Shop Boys - Agenda (12")


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LP CAT#:  X20014VL1 / LP UPC: 5056167113171
GENRE: Rock 
RELEASE DATE: 4/12/2019 
WEIGHT: LP-0.57 lb


Twelve inch vinyl pressing. 2019 EP from veteran British synthpop duo Pet Shop Boys. The first song on the EP, "Give Stupidity A Chance", is described by Neil Tennant as "a satirical song about the poor quality of political leadership in the modern world". Discussing the EP, Neil Tennant said: "It contains three satirical songs and one rather sad song. I think it's because of the times we're living through." The four tracks were produced by Tim Powell and Pet Shop Boys and recorded towards the end of last year.

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