Moby - Everything Was Beautiful, And Nothing Hurt (CD1)

Moby - Everything Was Beautiful, And Nothing Hurt (CD1)

Little Idiot

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LABEL: Little Idiot
CD CAT#: IDIOT60CD / CD UPC: 5060236634207
RELEASE DATE: 3/2/2018
WEIGHT: CD-0.18 lb 


2018 release. Everything Was Beautiful, and Nothing Hurt is the 15th studio album by electronica musician Moby. The title of the album is a reference to Billy Pilgrim's epitaph in Kurt Vonnegut's 1969 novel Slaughterhouse-Five. Featuring LA-based soulstress Raquel Rodriguez, the album's first single "Like a Motherless Child" is a re-work of the well-known spiritual with origins in the slavery of the American South. The album is a glowing tapestry exploring spirituality, individuality and the brokenness of humanity and finds Moby returning to his orchestral, soul, trip-hop and gospel roots.

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