Mint Julep - Stray Fantasies (CD1)

Mint Julep - Stray Fantasies (CD1)

Western Vinyl

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LABEL: Western Vinyl
CD CAT#: WV194CD CD UPC: 843563120569
GENRE: Indie
RELEASE DATE: 2/14/2020
WEIGHT: CD-0.09 lb


Stray Fantasies marks a deepening of the discography of wife-and-hus- band duo Hollie and Keith Kenniff under their collaborative moniker Mint Julep, an expertly manicured electric-pop venture that stands in stark contrast to the nebulous and experimental Helios and Goldmund outputs for which Keith Kenniff is known. Where those projects seek to defy conventional songform through textural, amorphous exploration, Mint Julep gels all the elements with an impressive songwriting expertise that speaks to the skill and well-roundedness of it's creators. Stray Fantasies further proves this by delivering twelve fully crystallized, iridescent pop pearls glimmering with the interplay of synthesizers, pulsing basslines, and punching drums that ballast Hollie's oneiric singing as she unfurls themes of vulnerability, insecurity, and other aching minutiae of love and relationships.

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