Mick Harvey - Waves Of Anzac / The Journey (CD1/LP1)

Mick Harvey - Waves Of Anzac / The Journey (CD1/LP1)


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LABEL: Mute 
CD CAT#: CDSTUMM448 / CD UPC: 5400863017972
LP CAT#: STUMM448 / LP UPC: 5400863017989
GENRE: Soundtrack
RELEASE DATE: 4/17/2020
WEIGHT: CD-0.07 lb / LP-0.49 lb


2020 release. The album features two recent soundtracks to powerful subject matters recorded by Mick Harvey. Waves of Anzac is a 10-track score, created for the ABC documentary on forgotten war stories and lives lost, a personal history by the actor Sam Neill (Jurassic Park, The Piano) set against a contemporary increasingly divided political backdrop. The Journey is a four-part composition, recorded with The Letter String Quartet, in support of people seeking asylum who have found themselves in Australia's offshore detention program. The piece was composed as a study of the hardships endured by the detainees on Nauru, Manus Island and Christmas Island before and during their internment and as an expression of hope for a humane outcome to their plight. Waves of Anzac / The Journey was composed, arranged and produced by Mick Harvey and mastered by Loki Lockwood at Creepy Hollow.

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