M83 - DSVII (LP2)

M83 - DSVII (LP2)


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LABEL: Naïve
LP CAT#: M7017 / LP UPC: 3700187670177
RELEASE DATE: 9/20/2019
WEIGHT: LP-1.09 lb 


Vinyl LP pressing. "At first there was this vivid memory of Dungeons and Dragons, this childhood sensation of living in an imaginary world set in a faraway past or a lost future. I wanted to create some music that could be part of this adventure and journey with all of it's solitary knights, dreamy landscapes, strange animals, forgotten myths and old spells. Originally, the Digital Shades project was supposed to be much more intimate - a collection of B-sides and unused tracks destined for the hardcore fan base. Digital Shades was the name chosen to dissociate it from a proper studio album, although it would be fully part of M83's discography. Digital Shades became an excuse to give a second life to some tracks instead of letting them disappear into the void. I wanted to create a production of ambient music that could evolve throughout the years.

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