King Krule - Man Alive! (CD1/LP1)

King Krule - Man Alive! (CD1/LP1)

True Panther Sounds

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LABEL: True Panther Sounds
CD CAT#: XL1009CD / CD UPC: 191404100929
LP CAT#: XL1009LP / LP UPC: 191403013312
RELEASE DATE: 2/21/2020
WEIGHT: CD-0.18 lb / LP-0.79 lb


Like any great artist on the rise, Archy Marshall's life is moving fast. There's a lot to catch up on, after 2017's sprawling masterpiece, The OOZ, broke through amid Mercury Prize nominations and mind-blowing media plaudits. Unlike that record, Man Alive! Doesn't aim to present any kind of narrative thread, or Brexit-era state- of-the-nation address, just a collection of snapshots and stories, artfully sequenced into a dazzlingly coherent whole. Man Alive! #is available on CD, standard single LP black vinyl and as a limited red vinyl edition sold exclusively at independent record stores.

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