James Righton - The Performer (CD1/LP1)

James Righton - The Performer (CD1/LP1)


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LABEL: Deewee
CD CAT#: DEEWEE036CD / CD UPC: 5400863013486
LP CAT#: DEEWEE036 / LP UPC: 5400863013493
RELEASE DATE: 3/20/2020
WEIGHT: CD-0.2 lb / LP-0.54lb


After coming to prominence as the frontman of the Mercury Prize-winning?Klaxons,?James Righton releases his debut solo album, The Performer. Standing in stark contrast to the electro-hedonism of Righton's work with Klaxons, it instead spins through various points from the 1970 onwards. It touches on the suave art-lounge of Roxy Music, the jangly grooves of R.E.M., the sumptuous psychedelia of latter-day Beach Boys and the songwriting gift of Nick Lowe. Righton uses these classic elements as the groundwork for something which feels at home in 2019.

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