Gerry Cinnamon - The Bonny (CD1/LP1)

Gerry Cinnamon - The Bonny (CD1/LP1)

Little Runaway Records

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LABEL: Little Runaway Records
CD CAT#: GCIN005CD / CD UPC: 5056167119708
LP CAT#: GCIN005LP / LP UPC: 5056167119715
RELEASE DATE: 5/15/2020
WEIGHT: CD-0.13 lb / LP-0.62 lb


2020 release, the follow-up to Gerry Cinnamon's Top 20 debut album Erratic Cinematic, which has been certified Gold. Everything that Gerry has achieved has been done entirely independently via his own label Little Runaway. It's the result of making a connection with fans in the purest way. His songs tell relatable stories which have captured the imagination of audiences up and down the country. Gerry makes a habit of whipping the audience into a frenzy which sees them leaving on a high and wanting more.

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