Black Market Brass - Undying Thirst (CD1/LP1)

Black Market Brass - Undying Thirst (CD1/LP1)

Colemine Records

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LABEL: Colemine Records
CD CAT#: CLMN12023cd CD UPC: 674862654611
LP CAT#: CLMN12023lp LP UPC: 674862654635
GENRE: International
RELEASE DATE: 2/28/2020
WEIGHT: CD-.08 lb / LP-0.92 lb


Black Market Brass' sophomore record, Undying Thirst, is a noxious brew of diesel and bleach; a special long-player full of wasteoid rippers for skullduggerous hover-bike gangs peddling fugazi relics and snake oil tinctures. Hellacious guitars, nitrous-charged percussion, a brass section harsher than paint-thinner, and a special batch of short-circuited electronics and synthesizers will leave your head buzzing into the 31st century. Blasting Undying Thirst from your home speaker system is like going over a waterfall in a rusted out oil barrel, long after the sun has boiled the falls dry.



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