Big Gigantic - Free Your Mind (CD1/LP2)

Big Gigantic - Free Your Mind (CD1/LP2)

Counter Records

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LABEL: Counter Records
CD CAT#: COUNTCD188 / CD UPC: 5054429137996
LP CAT#: COUNT188 / LP UPC: 5054429137989
GENRE: Electronic
RELEASE DATE: 3/20/2020
WEIGHT: CD-0.07 lb / LP-1.23 lb

Free Your Mind is about living as the best version of yourself. Showing up fully for yourself and for those you love. Getting clear about what you want and working towards it. Being grateful for all you've been given and using that gratitude to spread positivity. Big Gigantic have enlisted a group of featured artists for the album, including Ashe, Louis Futon, The Funk Hunters, Pell, TOBi, Pell, Nevve and Jennifer Hartswick.


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