Baxter Dury - The Night Chancers (Crystal Clear Vinyl - LP1)

Baxter Dury - The Night Chancers (Crystal Clear Vinyl - LP1)

Heavenly Recordings

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LABEL: Heavenly Recordings
LP CAT#: PIASLL141LPC / LP UPC: 5400863023379
RELEASE DATE: 3/20/2020
WEIGHT: LP- 0.56 lb


Failed Fashionistas, Instagram voyeurs, jilted Romeos reeking of insecurity, the willingly self deluded and the comically uanware, these creatures and constructs are the inspirations for the Baxter Dury's new album, The Night Chancers. It's a ten-song gaze into the black hours and the characters and behaviors that swirl around within them. The album was produced by Dury and long time collaborator Craig Silvey (Arcade Fire, John Grant, Artic Monkeys). While bringing vivid color and sharp lines to this chronicle of the midnight hours, Dury has created his richest and most expansive musical palette yet.

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