Alice Boman - Dream On (CD1/LP1)

Alice Boman - Dream On (CD1/LP1)

Play It Again Sam

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LABEL: Play It Again Sam
CD CAT#: PIASR1130CD / CD UPC: 5400863019327
LP CAT#: PIASR1130LP / LP UPC: 5400863019334
RELEASE DATE: 1/17/2020
WEIGHT: CD-0.2 lb / LP-0.59lb


Haunted Swedish songwriter Alice Boman returns from a self-imposed musical exile following a triumphant run of early releases. Penned on her grandparents old piano with nothing but a handheld voice recorder, 2013's Skisser EP and 2014's EP II, were pieced together in the sanctum of her teenage home. The tastemaker music press immediately latched onto these honest, barebones depictions of emotional fragility that documenting her innermost emotions. Three years later, wanting to try something bigger and record in a proper studio, she took forty sketches out to a countryside retreat to whittle down, and emerged with Dream On, her first full-length album and her strongest, most emotionally potent work to date.

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