Bruno Major - To Let A Good Thing Die (CD1/LP1)

Bruno Major - To Let A Good Thing Die (CD1/LP1)

July Records

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LABEL: July Records
CD CAT#: JULY006CD / CD UPC: 5056167121244
LP CAT#: JULY006LP / LP UPC: 5056167121251
RELEASE DATE: 19/6/2020
WEIGHT: CD-0.2 lb / LP-0.48 Ib


To Let A Good Thing A Die is the sophomore album from Bruno Major. The album is comprised of 10 tracks including previously released tracks Nothing, Tapestry and Old Fashioned.

The album is a beautifully crafted tapestry of stories interwoven with timeless narratives of human relationships, love and heartbreak, and existential musings. With this in mind, Bruno imbues his craft with contemporary perceptiveness both sonically and lyrically, which ground the record in the present - classic tales for a modern age.

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